tomb of Imam musa al- Kazim NAME:- MUSA
BIRTH:- 7th SAFAR 128 A.H
DEATH :- 25 RAJAB 183 A.H

The Holy Imam Musa al- Kazim is the seventh imam, His matchless devotion and workship to allah has also earned him the title ofabdus salih .Generosity was synonymous with his name and no beggar ever returned from his door empty handed, even after his death he continued to be obliging and was generous to his devotees who came to his holy tomb with the prayers and behests which were invariably granted by allah . Thus one of his title is also bab-ul hawaij

Imam Musa spent 25 years under the gracious patronage of his holy father .His inherent genius and gifted virtues combined with the enlightened guidance and education from the Holy Imam Jafar-e-sadiq ,showed in the namifestation of his future personality . He was fully versed with the devine knowledge even in his childhood.

In the first decade of his imamate Imam Musa could afford a peaceful execution of the responsiblities of his sacred office and carried on the propagation of the teaching of the Holy prophet . But soon after he fell a victim to the ruling kings and a great part of his life passed in prison.

His kind and generous attitude towards the people was such that he used to patronize and help the poor and destitutes of medina and provide for them cash , food , clothes and other necessities of sustenance secretly .It continued to be riddle for the recivers of the gifts through out the imam's life time as to who their benefactor was but this secret was not revealed untill his death.

Time and circumstances didnot permit the holy Imam to establish institution to impart religious knowledge to his followers as his father and his grandfather had Done.

In 179 A.H Haroon Rashid (king) visited Medina . The fire of malice and jealousy against ahlu bait was kindled in his heart and when he aw the great infulence and popularity of Imam amoung people of Medina He got imam arested while he was busy in prayers at the tomb of Holy prophet and kept him in prison in baghdad for the period of about 4 years ,on 25th of Rajab he got the Imam martyred by poison. Even his corpse was not spared humiliation and was takken out of prison and left on the bridge of baghdad .His devotees however managed to lay the Holy Body of the Imam to rest in Al-Kaziman (iraq)

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