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PROPHET MUHAMMED (peace be upon him)

His father died six month before his birth,and his Grand father(Abdul Mutalib)took responsiblity of bringing him up,at the age of six year he lost her mother too and at the age of 10 once again he face the tragedy of the death of his grand father,

abdul Mutalib(Grand father of prophet) before his death he appoint his son Abu Talib as the guardian of Muhammed (peace be upon him).

The prophet is lover of nature and quite, worried about human sufferings, Muhammed very often retired to mount Hira for meditations. One night (layla-tul-qadar) a voice addressing him,commanded"recite in the name of God"", Deeply excited by the strang phenomena of divine visition, he hurried home to his wife Khatijah who listen him attentively and said i bear the witness that you are"Apostle of God"". After the interval of few days the voice spoke again " O thou shrouded in thy mantle,arise and warm and magnify thy lord" This was the signal for him to start preaching the gospel of truth of one God. In the begining Muhammed invited only those near him,to accept the new faith. The first to embarce islam in women is Katijah and amoung men ALI.


For three long years he laboured quietly and then he decided to appeal publicly.and for that he invited forty kinsmen to a feast , At the gathering he asked people how do they find him ,did they ever listen lie from his toung or did someone find him to give worries to others.They all reply no we found you AMIN and SADIQUE. Then Muhammed asked them will you belive anything i will say now?. Again they all reply yes we will,The prophet addressed them:"I know no man in Arabia , who can offer his kinderds, a more execllent thing than i now do.I offer you happiness both in this life and that which is to come.God Almighty has commanded me to call unto him.Who ,therefore, amoung you will assist me herein shall become my brother and my caliph."All of them hesitatingly declined the matter.Ali stood up and declared that he would assist the prophet and vehemently threaten those who would oppose him.

Muhammed with great demonstration of affection.embraced Ali and declared to all to hear and obey Ali as his deputy and caliph. The gathering broke out into laughter, taunting abu talib that now he will have to obey his son too.

Inspite of all harrassment and difficulties Prophet Muhammed with Ali as his deputy keeps on thepreaching of Islam.

This new faith is simple and without complication parctical and useful for everyday life.It commands to belive and do good,keep up prayer and pay poor rate.Two orders giving four principle of successful way of life.

The harrassment and tortures,which the prophet and his smallband of faithful followers suffered at the hands of quraysh were excruciating in the extreme. some of the belivers were dragged over burning sand,imprisoned, flogged and starved,but they firmly held to their faith till death.

Almost ten years of hard work and preaching ,inspite of all persecution, produced over a hundred followers.Physical cruelties and social buycott made life unbearable in Mecca. The holy prophet of islam advise his followers to seek refuge in the neighbouring country of Eithopia.

88 men and 18 women sailed to the hospitable shores of Negus, under the leadership of Jafar-e-tayyar(brother of ALI) and cousin of Prophet.

But prophet himself remain in Mecca,but when Abu Talib passed away and the Meccans planned to assassinate the Prophet.Under the devine guidance, he asked Ali to sleep in his bed and Muhammed put his green garment on Ali . While murderers mistook Ali for Muhammed, the holy prophet of islam escaped to Medina.

The muslim era of Hijrat(migration) is named after this incident and dated from 17th rabi-ul-awal 633A.D

In Medina ,he laid the foundation of the muslim commonwealth and drew up a chater which has been acknowldged as the work of higest statemanship,a master-mind not only of his age but all ages.

Unlike the Arabs,the prophet had never wielded a weapon, but now he was forced to defend Islam by force of arms.Commencing from the battle of Badr,a series of eighty battles had to be fought , which the infant community defended successfully.


Though a Prophet and King,Muhammed was the man of common man.He sat and ate with them.Shared their joys and sorrows,helped the weak,widows and orphans and sympathized with the distressed.

He did not live long after conquering Mecca.He perform his last haj in 11 hijree. and given two sermons one at Arfat and secon when he was returning from haj at Ghadir(thier detail will be given soon)on his return to medina ,he got busy settling the oranization of the provinces and tribes which had adopted Islam. His strength rapidly failed and the poison (adminstered at Khaybar by Jewess) took its deadly tool.So ended the life dedicated to the service of God and humanity from first to last,on 28th safar,11 hijree.

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