Imam Hussain Elahis salam
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Name:- Al-Hussain
Title :- Syed-dus-Shuhada
Agnomen:- Abu abdullah
Father's Name:- Ali-ibn-Abitalib (Amir-al-momeenin)
Mother's Name:- Fatimah (daughter of Prophet)
Brith :- 3rd Shahban 4th hijree, in Medina
Death:- Marttyed in Karbla(Iraq) at the age of 57,on Friday 10th of Muharram 61 hajree.

Imam Hussain the Apostolic imam,When the new of his birth reached Holy Prophet,he came to his daughter's home took the his newly born grandson in his hands and named him Al-Hussain, and started crying Hazrat Fatimah was Surprise and ask her father what happen didn't the birth of my son pleased you,the Prophet replied that as I kissed this son of mine Angle gabriel came to me and told me that This son of your will be Martyed by the order of a bastard,while he will thirsy for three days.Hazrat Fatimah also started crying and ask her father weather any of us will their to help him but Prophet replied 'no' Fatimah None of us will be their , Then Fatimah Asked then Who will Cry on my Son and the prophet replied That God has Promised that a nation will be their to morn at your son.

Imam Hussain spent his childhood in the laps of Holy Prophet and Holy Prophet has gifted him all his qualities in such a way that he seem to be copy of Holy Prophet in every aspect of life.He have also faced the pain which the People have given after the death of holy Prophet like rest of the Family did , he saw the peoples bring fire on his house , the death of his father and the most of all the death of his beloved brother Imam Hussan,ather the death of Imam Hassan , He became Imam and he was imam for the period of ten(10) years,

But The last six months Coinciding with the cliphate of Muawiyah.Imam Hussain Lived under the most difficult outward conditions of suppression and persecution. This was due to the fact that first of all religious laws and regulations had lost much of their weight and credit and the edicts of the Umayyad government had gained complete authority and power.. Secondly Muawiyah and his aides and his family . And above all Muawiyah wanted to strengthen the basis of the caliphate of his son,Yazid who because of his lack of principles and scruples was opposed by a large number of muslims.Muawiyah had asked the well-known among the people to give their allegiance to Yazid but not imposed this request upon Imam Hussain.he Especially told Yazid in his last will that if Imam Hussain refused to pay allegiance ,he should pass over it in silence and overlook the matter.

Yazid neglected the his father's advice and immediatly after the death of his father ordered the governer of Medina either to force a pledge of allegiance from Imam Hussain or send his head to Damascus.After Governer of Medina informed Imam Hussain of his demand,imam Hussain in order to think over the question asked for a delay and overnight started for Mecca,he sorted refuge in the sanctuary of God along with his family,For nearly four month Imam stayed their and this new spread throughtout the islamic world. The huge amount of letters began to flow especially from Iraq,inviting Imam to come to Iraq and accept their ledership.

The stay of Imam continued till the season for Hajj when muslims all around world come to Mecca.Imam discovered that some of the followers of Yazid had entered Mecca as pilgrims with the mission to kill him during the rites of hajj.Imam shorten the stay and changed his Hajj to Umehra as he decided to leave.Amidst the vast crowd of peoplehe stood up in a short speech he announced that he waas setting for Iraq , he also that also declared that he would be martyed and asked muslims to helped him in attaining his goal.On the next day he set out for Iraq along his family .Some of the outstanding peoples of Mecca stood in the way of Imam Hussain and warned hi of the danger.he answered that he refused to pay the allegiance and give his approval to a grovernment of injustice and tyranny.He added he knew that wherever he turned or went he would be killed .He would leave Mecca in order to perserve the the respect of the House of God.

Approximately seventy kilometers from Kufah in a desert named Karbala the Imam and is entourage were surrounded by the army of Yazid.For eighty days they stayed in this spot during which the circle narrowed and the number of enemy's increased to thirty thousand soldiers.

On the ninth day of Muharram the last challenge to choose between "allegiance or war" was made by the enemy to imam.The imam asked for delay in order to workship overnight and became determined to enter battle on the next day.

On the tenth day of Muharram 61st hajree the imam lined up before enemy with his small band of followers,less than ninety person.That day they fought from morning untill their finnal breath,and the imam young hashimities and companions were all martyed.Amoung those killed were two childrens of Imam Hassan one only threen year hazrat Qasim and other was eleven year who get martyed while saving his uncle from the sword of Shimir ,and the also the son of flag bearer of the imam's army Abbas,And MOST SMALLEST MARTYED OF KARBALA THE INFANT OF IMAM HUSSAIN Hazrat-e-ALI ASGHAR who was only six month was killed by this army of Yazid by Arrow while Imam Hussain was asking water him.

And When their is no one left their Imam Hussain attained the martyr.After ending the war ,the army plundered the the Haram of Imam and burned their tents.And taken them as prisoners.

The event of Karbala the capture of the household and childrens of the prophet , their being taken as prisoners from town to town and the speeches made by the daughter of hazrat Ali hazrat-e-Zyinab and fourth imam who were amoung the prisoners disgraced the Umayyads.Such abuse of the household of the Prophet annulled the propaganda which Muawiyah had carried out for years.and this event also was the major factor in the overthrow og Umayyad's rule,It also streangthened the roots of shi'ism.Amoung it's immediate results were the revolts and rebelions combined with bloody wars continued for 12 years.Among those who were instrumental in the death of imam not one was able to escape revenge and punishment