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NAME:­ Ali
Title:­ Murtaza
Agnomen:­ Abu-l-Hassan
Father's Name:­ Abu Talib
mother's Name :­ Fatima bint-e­ Asad
Birth :­ In Holy Ka'bah in Mecca on Friday,13th Rajaab 2 before hijrat(b.h)
Death :­ Died at the age 63,in Kufah on Monday 21st on Rammazan.
Buried :­ in Najaf-e-ashraf (Iraq)

Ali is the son of Abu talib and cousin of Apostle of Allah was born in the house of God the Ka'bah on 13th of rajaab 23 years before hijrat Ali’s birth in kabah is unique in the history of the world neither á prophet or Divine saint was ever blessed with such á honour.His mother stayed in ka’bah for three days after his birth and as forth day approaches she stepped out ,carrying her gem in her arms.To her great supprise she found holy Prophet awaiting to receive the newly born child in his anxious arms Ali opened his eyes for the first time of his life and saw and salute the Divine prophet "As-SALAMo ELAKUm YÁ RASOOLALLAH"

Ali grew up in the same house ,The prophet was considerably older and he looked after and trained 'Ali with great love and care® The Apostle of Allah said that" he and Ali were peices of same Nur(light)"

Ten years in the company of the Holy Prophet he kept him self so closely and inseparable that he was one with him in character,knowledge self-sacrifice forbearance ,bravery kindness generosity,oratory and eloquence® For his very infancy he prostrate before God along with the Holy Prophet® As himself said ¢ É was the first to pray to God alongwith the Holy Prophet"® He was so closely associated with the Holy Prophet that as soon as á verse was revealed to him during the day or night Ali was the first to hear it..

Under Divine instructions the Apostle married his beloved daughter Fatima to Ali though others vainly tried for her hand. among the children imam Hassan and imam Hussein zaynab and Umí kulsooí have left their mark on the history of world.

After the death of Hazrat Fatima Ali married Umm-ul-banin ¨ Fatima kalbiha)Abbas was born out of this wedlock and was so handsome that he was fondly called Qamar-e-bani Hashim moon of the family of Hashim)® He personified loyalty and bravery and prove it in the battlefield of Karbala ,

After the death of Holy prophet Ali was the most just successor of the Holy Prophet but his right have suppressed and he keep quite only for the sake of the umma,and after the death of Usman who people want him to be the caliph he refuses but on the third day with the great reluctance he agreed to take the charge and accept their oath of allegiance as á caliph , He re-lit the torch of Islamic learning and progress. Ali’s effort to establish the Kingdom of Allah on the earth was cut short by the assassin’s sword of ibn-e-muljim the tool of Muawiyah murdered Ali while he was saying his morning prayer and he was crowned with martyrdom on 21st of ramazan on 40 Ah buried in Najaf -e- ashraf.

Born in the house of God and was killed in the Mosque the loin of God The most brave hearted and gentle Muslim ever lived began his Glorious life with devotion to Allah and his Prophet and ended it in the service of Islam.